OcxyLon PFS

Sodium Hyaluronate Ophthalmic Solution 1ml

1%, 1.4% and 1.8% Viscoelastic solution Prefilled Syringe 1ml

  • Premium injection grade quality sodium hyaluronate material
  • Opthically clear, highly cohesive, easy to aspirate
  • High Viscosity (100000-150000 m.pas at 250C) & High Molecular Weight (>2.8 Million Dalton)
  • Increased protection to corneal endothelium and ocular tissues
  • 1 ml volume in convenient pre-filled glass syringe with easy to peel blister packing
  • Sterile, pyrogen free, non-inflammatory, double filtered
  • Synthetic fermentation – no risk of viral infections
  • Store at room temperature – no need to refrigerate

For ease of instillation the product is supplied

  • Easy to peel, heat-sealed blister pack
  • Additional color coded syringe grip
  • 27G Angular Cannula